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Default Re: MTV, Chemtrails and The destruction of the human race.

If you play "fgllow the money" on flouride, it gets back to the U.S. atomic energy mobs, who realised that they were exposing their workers to a shitload of flouride in processing uranium.

So they did some testing, and suprise suprise, not only wasn't it a problem, but it was actually GOOD for their employees to be exposed. (*)

Aluminium and fertiliser industries then hopped on board, and found a way of not only getting rid of some of their waste, but selling it.

Then Governments mandate including it in drinking water.

Look at it logically, the cost of installing and operating a flouridation plant the adds flouride to every single drop of water, the majority of which is used to flush toilets, water gardens, wash cars is huge. They would save millions, just giving each family 20 litres of flouridated, bottled water every week.

(*) same people did the studies of the safety of D.U.
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