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Default Re: Italian Fascism instigated by Socialist Marxists

Interesting OL. BTW, i never liked Mussolini. Such a bombastic prick and full of Amphetamine most of the time.

On the subject of him being first a "socialist" and then a "fascist". Well, maybe so. I was also a die in the wool "socialist" but now I vacillate through the day from benevolent Fascist/King to Libertarian Christian.

Just because someone changes their point of view means...very little, other than they are open to the they see it.

Also, as you have most likely not read ANY of DRAKS posts on the particulars of Evola and "fascism" I will attempt (poorly) to summarize.

I believe Evola talks of a balance between individual rights and those of the community at large. Evola points out the simple fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE and HIGHLY dangerous to implant in peoples minds that you can be ANYTHING you want and do ANYTHING you want to whatever degree.

Mother nature sets firm boundaries. So does God. These get passed down through the ages via tradition and community. Two things the so called "progressives" and "liberals" wish to destroy at EVERY oppurtunity till the individual is "blowing in the wind" and at the mercy of the State. All alone with no connection to the past and no tradition which assures him of his place in the world.

Evola makes pains to point out that the so called "progressives" are actually "regressing" as they run full throttle AWAY from the source and into greater and greater chaos under the guise of so called "freedom". Hitler took great pains to bring back tradition and German connections with their roots. He said they were special. I hear that everyday on the radio and telly in Oz...telling me Aussies are "unique" and "gifted"...the government does'nt get labelled as "ultra-nationalistic". Amazing! When Hitler says it -to love your place and people- it is "evil".

So, i hope i hav'nt abused Evola's EXCELLENT and VERY long articles but I assure you they are worth perusing.

Also, i am not yet sure of Hitlers place in history. but one thing I do know is that his current position in world history is so ridiculous that our Grandkids will be laughing at our gullible stupidity.
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