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Default Re: The Ultimate Test in Freemasonry

I have heard rumors about the Ramseys' involvement with Freemasonry or the occult (even Illuminati), but nothing I consider substantial. However, I find it curiously suspicious how generously they have been handled by the authorities, and I question the ulterior motives of anyone who dresses a toddler up like a beauty queen and enters her into pageants. Reeks of pedophilia.
The best lead in the case I've come across so far was from Cyril Wecht, the famous coroner who debunked the Warren Report Kennedy assassination with his "Magic Bullet" theory.
Wecht has broadly hinted that he thinks it was an inside job, most likely committed by the step brother and then covered up by the parents afterward. That being the case, the brother may be quietly shuffled off somewhere for "treatment" in order to appease the authorities who seem to be largely cooperative with the Ramseys for whatever reason.
I would caution that while Wecht's professionalism on the job has never been successfully challenged, he does have some curious political leanings, even crossing over party lines in the last election to support Arlen Spector's senatorial campagin -- and this after debating Spector openly as a member of the Warren Commission.
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