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Default Re: Yes, Bondi I do have a question

What we see here is just another example of how people just read what they already believe, and refuse to take in anything else. This is typical for people who are not trained to read texts critically (and that have already been subjugated to extensive critique)and cannot evaluate the research that has gone into a book or a paper.

To speed forward to a presupposed conclusion just beacuse it explains the feeling one has towards the world is not a fruitful tactic.

It is very easy to follow and understand the reasoning of the Anonymous individual some people call Bondi. And if any "conspirationist" was really, in truth, interested in what he had to say instead of just trying to trick him into revealing some dark secret about evil gods and satanist rituals, it would have been an amazingly easy operation. Instead the questioners have squandered a perfectly marvellous opportunity with childish and inane bickering. Anonymous could have been revealed as a phony (If indeed he/she was) if you would have seriously asked for the proper information, but NO! You desperately want Anonymous Mason-expert to be a satanist cultish blood-ravager in your Dungeons & Dragons-lingering mystic minds.
Therefore you don't ask questions that actually are probing.

It never stops, all this silliness! It is mind-numbing. Especially when you are faced with such benevolent patience, as was just presented to you. I am saddened.
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