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Default Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games

:-( It is obvious that this exactly what the purpose of these games is for!
I am in my late twenties so i have never been caught up in this Computer games trend those in there teens early twenties seem caught up in!.
But I feel it is aggression for the passive aggressive the kind of activity for pathetic non manly but also non intellectual pot smoking slobs.

The type that may suceed in the IT industry but thats about it.A sign of the times i suppose.
A generation that doesnt get out and play enough team sport visit the gym or get involved in enough all round physical activity.

Equally a generation that doesnt read enough books and therefore lacks essential knowledge which they shouldnt even bother respnding to if they dont even know what their talking about!. Believe me this lack of knowledge shows up on this forum amongst some of you that have admitted you are into this trend!.(excludes Ahmad and fellow aussie truebeliever knowledge is intact).

Added to this it cannot be denied that in a nation like the U.S where virtually anyone can get hold of a firearm,these kind of games have been responsible for motivating psychos to go on shooting sprees like the Colombine Massacre and countless others!.
I have only one thing to say if your going to waste your time on such shite without putting your time to more educational or constructive uses!.Then just keep them in perspective o.k dont go out and shoot anyone or rape any one just cause you could in the game.Also dont get any brainwashed ideas of U.S Imperialism against the world!.
Now thats a nice kid jake!. :lol:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
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