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Default Re: DAve McGowan On Wings That Turn Into "Confetti". Flight 77 And The Pentagon.

I agree. It seems self evident. I remember when all the hoo ha started mainly through Mike Rivero about how ONLY idiots would believe anything OTHER than flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

Mike Rivero used to e-mail me back...once I simply commented that their would be three holes. One each from the engines and one from the fusalage...i never got one again. In fact when i mentioned that i burn away MP3's and that the music artist should "earn" money touring he politely told me that he had reported me to the relevant authorities.

Rivero NEVER mentions the fraud that is "Peak Oil". Rivero "claims" he is a 'palaeoconservative' when he is CLEARLY of the Left and NEVER goes beyond Bush and the usual shit about the "Fascist Takeover". He LOVES the U.N and no doubt will be leading the revoloution...comrade.

Yes, it is CLEAR. The available evidence does NOT show Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon...and never will.

Yes, it is clear, Rivero - like Ruppert - is a stooge.
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