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Default Re: F----K China... shop for American goods.

redrat11 wrote:
Mr. Akbar I really enjoy your posts and thoughts, you seem sincere in your writings, and for that I give you all due respect, however for the (ILLUMINATI) FAGGOT depraved spoiled child who so calls himself by two different AVATARS SATURNINO and LADOMINION, I just laugh at the depraved insanity that (HOMO) illuminati KID displays toward humanity. YOU meaning the writers of this once great forum, have been infiltrated by ILLUMINIST faggots like DOMINIO, I really don't like to write bad things about people but, IT is quite obvious that the very PIECES of shit that we all dispise are actually your very "BUDDYS". GOOD LUCK and I hope you people wake up to the coming ENSLAVEMENT that faggot crap like SATURN SHIT will bring to you. (SILENCE IS GOLDEN) REDRAT OVER AND OUT!!!!!
Hey mate, you'd better re-check your "facts"... lol.

Just because you dislike Saturnino and I, does not mean you have reason to recklessly spew out accusations like these.

You arenít going to get where you need to go if something as small as this can muster such hate within you. If you are a Christian, then why do you contradict it?

Its the small things that make us grow.

Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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