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Default Re: Privatised Health Care

Firstly the Eastern states medical staff are FAR more militant and willing to step up than the gutless West Oz medical and nursing establishment. So if your rellies differ that may have something to do with it.

Whats the problem with Private Health Care? It's for profit and the profit is in sick people and putting them through endless tests most of them unwarrented.

The hospital is owned by a company that owns the Path Lab that owns the CT scanner that owns the MRI scanner that owns the specialist center that owns the drug company and down on the line it goes. There is big money in keeping people sick.

Also, with private hospitals, they are TOTALLY dependant on Doctors for their business. If the Doctor will not operate their then you will get NO patients and therefore NO money. SO, when drug fucked, paedophile fool Dr X continues to be incompetent and mess things up...who is going to raise alarm bells? WHo is going to risk being sued? Who is going to get a "bad rep" for "dobbing in Doctors" and lose business?

Sick of GIGANTIC private health care bills? Well people can start by NOT spending that extra day or two in hospital for a bit of R & R. Also, "oldies" get dumped on the Private hospitals during holiday periods etc...but the hospitals take them coz it's CASH BABY!!!!!!! Thats why your freakin private insurence bills are going through the roof! With the trend towards Private E.D departments GOD HELP US!!!! Every tummy ache and stubbed toe will be admitted for "observation" and the bills will go sky high again.

Oz of the year winner Dr Fiona Stanley. The burns specialist. She is a great person and in her field SECOND TO NONE. However, to pay her bills she did basic plastic surgery at St John Of God Hospital Subiaco. She sucked and had a bad post op infection rate. Theater staff were not happy. What happened? N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

The list of incompetant Doctors and nurses in Private health care is long but who wants to report your staff and get a bad rep with the public? Who wants their name on the news as harbouring incompetant Dr's and nurses?

If you fuck up in the public system you will be raked over the coals. Immediately. In the public system you have a right to your own medical records. In the private sector you have NO rights to your medical records and getting them from them requires EXPENSIVE litergation.

The list is actually quite extensive. No one is perfect. I made my fair share of cockups. But there is ZERO public accountability in the Private sector and they will fight you tooth and nail to keep the truth from you.

Thats just a small taste off the top of my head.

Health care is like the military. It should be TOTALLY owned and run by the people through the government. Then it is a burden and the incentive to "health promotion" and "disease prevention" great.

Instead we find NO incentive to make people well when there are HUGE profits to be made from keeping them sick.

Alternatively, as premiums skyrocket, more and more people will ALSO be encouraged to look after themselves.

I just know this. When i get 2 of my toes rebroken i'll go Private. If involved in life threatening surgery i'll go public. Staff are plentiful on nights especially and you will not find nurses to scared to ring the surgeon up at 2 am in the public system.

Gawd, what memories.
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