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Default Re: I hope Lynn stays

Freeman, we both know them oh so uncomfortably well.

Shame a lot of others didn't kick up a fuss huh? That would make them real uncomfortable? They are sewage rats and cockroaches and they scurry and hide in the light. Their time of exposure is near at hands, mark my words.

I am speaking with direct relation to my personal experience of my LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Do not misunderstand that specific point. The PM is corrupt and ships coke. The Premiere of N.S. - Premiere Hamm - I'm not even going there. Mayor Kelly and his brothers most successful contracting firm?

My local government are greedy cowards - that is what they are.

Mary XXX

P.S. I'm on a honeymoon now...
This summer I might be looking for a divorce and if the settlement is reasonable, I might walk away and shut my mouth. I think I've said everything I wanted to say here on this forum.

Just need to get my scanner up and post a few picy's and then it would be a whole new ball game. I really just want to sculpt and make jewelry and sail on a boat with my family and sing a few songs. That's my dream and I'm gonna reach it.

And the world's gonna change because it just isn't good enough for my kids and people need to start noticing the positive changes as well as the negative ones. Miracles are being down-played in the lamestream. They are happening everywhere.

That was a mouthful. :lol:
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