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Default Re: Hollywood Pushes Racial Intermarriage - Overcoming Qualms

This does not prove that most of the members of the NWO are not white. This group has a history of sacrificing their own in order to further their own agenda. I think what it proves, which you say is UN thinking is that all races must work together to defeat them. Based on my experinces on this site. It does not seem that most members are prepared to do that. Their vision is too narrow. Things are seen from a white Christian point of view. If it is deemed nonwhite or nonChristian, then it is considered a threat. This type of thinking helps the NWO maintain control. It is easier for them to control the masses if the people are divided and geared towards fighting each other. Unfortunately, most members on this site do not have a solution other than whites must have their own homeland without immigrants, which was the case in the United States, but their leaders were wise enough to see that the United States cold not reach it's destiny in that type of situation.
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