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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

:-? Honestly what do you all expect in Laissez faire inspired system!. "Do what thou wilt" may have been termed by crawley the occultist but Adam smith seems to have set the conditions for destroying all social morality.
Ofcause you all hate Communism. But would these things have been accepted or encouraged in that kind of system ofcause not!
If people in the west want Laissez faire they better get us to its down side as well its claimed benifits!
Also i dont think the idea of the nuclear family spontanously equals social morality.For example how many families have been incest nests for Father Mason or father satanist.
I am sorry to say family values hold little weight in this day and age interms of social morality.
After all anyone can breed and anyone can claim family status as couple whether they have their own kid or adopt it.
Some of the most sane and morally straight individuls despite what the common mass thinks are mature aged single adults!Same may never have even been attached once!.
Yet they are treated like losers and potential psychos due to our conditiong that families somehow equal social morality status and respectability!.
Well I am here to state family values are crap and now worthless largely due to Laissez faire values in both capitalism and social morality!. Indeed it seems to me some people think families give them a licence to do what ever they like morally! And some probly wonder why some kids have tried to kills their parents read between the lines people!. :-(
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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