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Default Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design You Decide

There will be massive "delayoffs" this summer from North American companies.

What is a delayoff?

It's a planned lay-off of an employee of a company by the employer(s) set up months before, particularly by the very top of the corporate hierarchy following the agendas of a company's board of directors. It is designated to radically restructure a company's financial infrastructure to make it more globalized, outsource labor, reduce spending on taxes, and force the states to accommodate to that company's demands (anything to keep them in place than to lose 'em), rather than the company giving into the state governments.

Almost every global-spanning, private or public, corporation in North America and Europe are controlled by its boards of directors, not the CEOs or the shareholders. Many of those "directors" are outsiders of incredible wealth, prestige, influence in business, politics and/or power.

Take a look at any North American or European company on the Internet, look up at the who's who of the board of directors and you get the idea that they're really pulling the strings on the economies and stock markets around the world. A lot of Rhodes scholars, alumni from London School of Economies, Harvard, University of California, Oxford, Brigham Young University, participating in the Trilateral Commission and the Agenda21 of the UN, etc etc.

Will all hell breaks loose this summer? Stay tuned.
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