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Default The REcent "Scare"...

Some people have been scared off this forum by some "possible" commercial hacking.

You know, it is quite inevitable that forums such as these come under scrutiny of Intelligence organizations. Mainly because they fear "Religious Extremism", of ANY sort. They have your I.P and with a warrent can go to your Internet Provider and demand you private details. Soooooo, they already have them if they want them.

There have been many "discussions" on the current state of Judaism and the increase in pressure on the so called "Holocaust Deniers". I have been posting little doco's on the Holohoax and also had a go at a Zionist weapons and sensor systems programmer in the Oz military establishment. Sooooooo, i would expect that little Ari on the Kibbutz is having a go. Whatever.

I personally have NO fear of my local law enforcement authorities.

With the big move down under of the creme of the Judaicrats however, i am mindful of my health in the possible near future. However, they will have to be clever about it. Scorpio's rule the roost on covert operating and I have taken measures.

If you are worried about things then simply do this...tell your Pastor what you fear. Any people "outside" of "whacky conspiracy" circles in "responsible positions" will make sure your passing doth not go un noticed. Too late for you, but it makes the job harder.

Besides, if you ar'nt Alex Jones, Military, Intelligence lackey, Government'r "kook" status gives unrivalled protection.

In the end people have to ascertain their personal position but it bodes well to remember...what would have happened if George W (the other one) had "ducked for cover" when the British waggled their finger at him?

I personally say fcuk 'em.

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