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Default Re: Italian Fascism instigated by Socialist Marxists

The truth that has been so obsessively hallowed here on this site is not close to you.
In your humble opinion?

Have you watched ANY of the little doco's I put on my site detailing the absurdity of the so called "Holocaust"? That 6 million Jews were SYSTEMATICALLY murdered in "homididal gas chambers"? No, you hav'nt have you.

The endless lies by the Zionists to provoke symptathy from the world? The endless list of confirmed FRAUDS who state with tears in their eyes the horror of the dead bodies and then they are exposed for Australian born Catholics who have NEVER travelled over seas...the list is a MILE long!

The enddless stream of mainstream books detailing the facts of WW2 and the LIES and propaganda of BOTH Soviet Russia and the Allies!

The ACTUAL transcripts of the Neuramberg trials where "expert" Allied witness's state they found NO ONE who had died from poisen gas.

The facts surrounding "Ultra" and the MASSIVE treason from the head of German Intelligence (Willhelm Canaris) all the way down. With an open book on German intentions where is the radio traffic and facts and figures on the "atrocities" so percuilar to the "evil" Germans? It is SO lacking that the "history writers" have to make up "code words" and try to sell them as evidence that what is actually meant are murdered Jews. It is ABSURD!

With my 20 year research on WW2, once i got a few details on the other side of the story, it was EASY to peace together the puzzle.

If Himmler was mass murder'er, why was he so eagerly anticipating his role as German post war Elite? Why was Goering so calmly approachin American forces if he was involved in the Holocaust? Why did they make NO attempt to escape?

These are some SIMPLE tests of logic you can build up for yourself.

I could write for ETERNITY on the fraud of the mainstream version of WW2 and Adolph Hitlers place in it.

Do i believe Adolph was a little angel as opposed to your version of him as devil incarnate? NO! He was a "polition" under orders from others. Just as Churchill was. Just as Rooseveldt was. But you will NEVER criticize the MASSIVE war crimes of the Allies. NEVER! You will NEVER apply the same standards. NEVER! You are SO caught up in the "lie" that you will NEVER! even attempt to find an alternative view to your finely honed world view.

You are perhaps too old to do this. To have your world view shattered is not nice but nature takes it's course. Those that are open to truth in the end prosper. Those that "deny" the reality before them will perish. Most simply suffer from depression or cancer. Such is nature in her wizdom.

This is a FINE example of YOUR reasoning...

I know you made a half-baked attempt at allowing the possibility of Benito being a retard, but then you recant..
I recanted? I was simply pointing out that amazingly, for such a "brute", in "Fascistic Italy" you got a "trial". When the Reds got hold of him they used the usual methods of the "mob". Do you have ANY knowledge of what Europeans went through under Soviet domination? Do you? And if you do have that knowledge you perhaps will understand that most of the "stories" of the brutality of the Germans came from the Soviet Intelligence services. EAGERLY lapped up by the Allies and thrown into the history books to justify their UNPARRELLED support of the most BRUTISH dictatorship to EVER walk the Earth.

I am not interested in supporting "fascism" or ANY 'ism' for that matter. I am interested in the TRUTH!

Then you will find WHO is benefitting from the CONTINUAL infantile attachment to the "myth" that Adolph Hitler was a walking incarnation of the devil himself. You will find also WHO is benefitting from the so called "fascist" Bush and who is constellating the idiot "mob" aginst this patsy.

OL, it is YOU who are brainwashed and incapable of "detached" reasoning on matters of history. You must "label" at EVERY oppurtunity. This is the ONLY defence you have.

Let me make this clear.

The "Holocaust" is an EASILY proved fraud. That Jews suffered? Of course! Thanx mainly to a muderous Allied bombing campaign and in the context of TOTAL, MERCILESS war against the civilian population of Germany. Hard to be nice when your cities are going up in flames eh?

Questioning the "facts" of WW2 does NOT make you a Nazi.

If people wish to kill or harm Jews or ANY group of people then they must be charged and given a trial and if found guilty thrown in jail! We do NOT need the RIDICULOUS, ABSURD, UNBELIEVEABLE stupidity of the "hate crime" laws being used to prevent OPEN debate on the fraud of Germanies guilt for WW2 and to justify the extermination of Palestinian Arabs in the Zionist quest for a homeland all the way to the river Babylon.

You are SO low on facts and have your head stuck in to many books. You need to get out and SPEAK to people who were there.

Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

The "Jew" is not a protected species. He must stand up and take the criticism like a man. The Judeo/Christian base of our legal system will protect him if the freakin "Secular Humanists" dont destroy that first with their made up laws based on the whims of men. Such is the hate crime law which will swallow up the Jew as well as all people.

You are a fool to the slaughter. I would'nt care but if i'm going to be free, you have to be free.
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