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Default Re: The REcent "Scare"...

Thanks mate! Some simple intimidation. Perhaps the "commercial" hacking was to cover something more sinsister?

Maybe I should'nt have mentioned "Leon" who works for "Oz Defence Industries" and is a confirmed died in the wool ZIONIST/IDF fighter pilot and Kibbutz man, which leaves Australia's submarine class "Collins" TOTALLY compromised. Where are your loyalties Leon? And why are you so cocky about talking about what you do and passing pics around of the inside of our Subs? Why has the Oz government placed sensitive secrets in the hands of a governemnt KNOWN for it's subterfuge and contempt for other countries laws. Go HELEN CLARKE, but I hear they even got to you.

I will fight you bastards till my dying breath and believe me, you will NEVER intimidate me. Now go read your Talmud and make sure those "whore slave" girls from Eastern Europe are making some money for you.

We stole Oz first. You are not gonna make us the next "leeching" target.
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