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Default Re: Italian Fascism instigated by Socialist Marxists

Hey OL,

I share TB's consternation at your incurious nature. As you may be aware this site is an offshoot of Henry Makow's website which has a fair bit on it to say the least. We assume you have a passing familiarity with the content and the links on it.

So, for instance, on this thread you are saying that Italy's dictatorship in the 1930's was staffed by 'former' marxists. I don't think many here would be surprised by that.

I must further develop your argument for you to shoot it down. Is the problem today fascism, is that what you are insinuating? Well maybe it is, but for the sake of clarity could we drop the label and just describe the problem?

Yes, what is the problem, as you see it? I believe in your opening statement here you said the main problems facing us were religious fundamentalism and capital whatsis thingy (or something). We have to describe the problem first - no?
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