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Go Gerry, go Gerry!!!

I know many people like you. Ordinary people who "see" things but most of the time do not know what they are seeing.

Kudo's for you for standing up.

Stay in touch via this site. If you genuinely fear for your safety the best way to ensure some protection is to out yourself in public.

On the note that Union affiliation would have helped. No doubt.

Our Oz Primeminister is trying to decimate the rights of working people and wipe out the Unions. Many silly Australians have gone along with this. The backlash is beginning.

I give kudo's to the Left for standing up for ordinary people. After all the rich and shameless have been banding together for years to wipe us out and bring us to heel.

If they'd get rid of the idiot element in the Union movement maybe more would join.

Best mate.
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