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Default Penatgon Approving Scripts For Military Equipment Use.

Hollywood, Iraq and 9/11: Reinforcing the Party Line

Moviegoers in the upcoming months will be bombarded by films about the Iraq war and 9/11. These movies will uniformly reinforce the official party line that 9/11 was carried out by 19 Arabs with box cutters and that the invasion of Iraq was a heroic act of liberation in the defense of America.

The Associated Press reports that several productions are set to hit both big and little screens, including the dramatized story of what happened on Flight 93.

The official story that passengers intercepted hijackers and crashed the plane into an empty Pennsylvanian field as the ultimate sacrifice has been thoroughly discredited by the alternative media.

Numerous credible individuals including former military and commercial pilots have come forward and stated that the plane was shot down.

However, the movie version will reinforce the "let's roll" myth, ignoring such obvious evidence of a shoot down as the fact that the debris field of Flight 93 was eight miles wide, which is impossible unless it was shot down in mid-air and then traveled for a short period, raining down debris as it descended.

Other productions will prop up the government conspiracy theory that 19 men, at least seven of which are still alive, and men who couldn't even fly puddle-jumping Cessnas conducted the biggest terror attack in history and that it was all planned from a cave in Afghanistan.

We will be subjected to tear jerking scenes where innocent people scream in terror as buildings crumble around them, without for a second stopping to ask why three steel buildings collapsed from "fire damage" for the first and only time in world history.

The criminal elements of the government that carried out 9/11 are hopeful that these re-enactments will put people to sleep and reduce skepticism of their fairy tale official version of events. We the alternative media should prepare ourselves to counter these psy-op propaganda flicks as and when they are released.

If your stomach isn't already convulsing, Newsmax is reporting that arch Neo-Con Bruce Willis is planning to produce a pro-war Iraq film that relates "the success" of liberating the Iraqi people. This is all the more vomit inducing on the day that former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, himself a former school bus bomber and CIA stooge, admitted that human rights in Iraq are in a worse state now than they were under Saddam.

Willis is at pains to portray Iraq as a virtual paradise and he can't understand all the negative media coverage of what is happening on the ground. Again, barf bags on standby, every Bush worshipping Neo-Con that lauds around righteously proclaiming "I visited Iraq and everything's fine and dandy" is given a carefully planned and screened 30 minute tour around the green zone, the only secure site in the country, and comes home indignantly recommending the country as a holiday resort.

The reality, as 100,000 plus Iraqis and 2,000 plus of our own troops have discovered, is somewhat different.

But Bruce's latest venture has the full support of the Pentagon because it's a recruiting poster for more American boys and girls to go and perish in a desert for the New World Order empire builders.

It is common knowledge in Hollywood that if you want access to military bases and military technology and hardware, as a movie producer you have to bend over backwards to the Pentagon and allow them majority control in scriptwriting.

Pentagon support translates into millions of dollars shaved off the film budget. In many cases, the absence of that support means the film doesn't get made. This means that movie producers are at the mercy of backroom DoD directors who can effectively re-write historical events and broadcast them to millions as accurate depictions of the real thing.

Decades old psychological studies confirm that when you're watching television the higher brain regions (like the midbrain and the neo-cortex) are shut down, and most activity shifts to the lower brain regions. These lower brain regions cannot distinguish reality from fabricated images (a task performed by the neo-cortex), so they react to television content as though it were real.

Therefore the warped fictional portrayal of a historical event becomes the only truthful depiction of that event in the mind of the viewer.

Black Hawk Down was a big favorite amongst the top brass, portraying the military in a positive light. The Pentagon shipped four Black Hawk helicopters and 35 Army Rangers to the filming location in Morocco.

Portraying war or the military in a bad light in any scene merits an immediate blacklisting from the Pentagon. If the film isn't an out and out recruiting campaign then they're not interested.

The producer of Independence Day, Dean Devlin, went to extraordinary lengths to get Pentagon support for his 1996 release. In a letter he wrote, "Just wait, there has never been any aerial footage like this before, if this doesn't make every boy in the country want to fly a fighter jet, I'll eat this script."

The Pentagon were not interested because the military were portrayed as inept in a handful of scenes in the movie. Similarly, Apocalypse Now, with its strong anti-war message was rebuffed by the DoD.

They make prostitutes of us all because they want us to sell out to their point of view," said filmmaker Oliver Stone, who was refused military assistance for his Vietnam War-era films Platoon, Born on the Forth of July and Heaven and Earth.

"They want a certain kind of movie made," Stone said. "They don't want to deal with the down-side of war. They assist movies that don't tell the truth about combat, and they don't assist movies that seek to tell the truth about combat. Most films (about the military) are recruiting posters. They are such lies."

The state cringes when movies that actually make people think hit the big screen, and there is a growing movement within Hollywood to push the genre firmly in that direction, but they salivate when an audience can be hoodwinked into buying their crap through the medium of entertainment.

Fewer and fewer people read newspapers. Less people are watching TV news. The majority of the propaganda has shifted to television programs and movies. Watching back to back Simpsons episodes this weekend, the viewer is left with the impression that lesbian marriage is wholesome and normal and in the next instance, only a global government can save us from global warming.

We must increase our vigilance of where the propaganda is emanating from and, as in John Carpenter's They Live, shut it off right at the source.
So what does that say about Speilbergs "War Of The Worlds" where we saw a company of U.S army armoured troops who had served in Iraq "starring" and some of their high tech goodies on show?

I simply hate Speilberg. He is "schlock", pure and simple and preys on the desire of American innocence which tells me he is a "smooth operator" who knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

The pics are not up but I assure you, WOW was PURE ZIONIST propaganda and tells me Speilberg is a hard core ZIONIST through and through.

I say boycott every one of the bastards films.

BTW Stevie. I make a special point of copying your films and distributing for free. Up yours.

"Ya know, a Zionist is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna git". (Usually shit though.)
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