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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

Most valid point Ozzie. The true meaning of laisser-faire means to allow to do, thereby doing nothing tostop or prevent. The symbolic meaning is an "I don't care" attitude - apathy.

Apathy means not caring enough, having enough enthusiasm for. Lets' put two and two together. My city is not unlike many I have read in various other countries represented by this forum, in many ways that have been typed about.

We all have masonic Cops, I bet.
I bet we all have a mainly masonic judiciary and government allegiance.

I bet the masons are a bunch of pedophiles. They are satan's minions and that is their agenda. They are in my schoolboard and in social servies. They are doctors and lawyers and judges. They are the elite of society who attend the whorehouses with children for sale by the hour.

People do not want to comprehehend what I am writing, that is my suggestion. It repulses them as good people are naturally repulsed by evil. They don't want to look, to know, to understand. Then they would really have to do something lest be their voice.

Just because the media hasn't been telling you the truth... doesn't mean it isn't reality. Truth is odder and far more eveil than people would care to acknowledge.

People are so damned greedy and apathetic mostly. Or they buy into the I can do nothing. Do something, anything. It makes a difference and God helps those who help themselves.


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