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Default Re: Yes, Bondi I do have a question

"My grandfather was a freemason. He left as he disagreed with something that was asked of him (it was to pervert the course of justice).
When my Mother was a child, there was a bit of a family "disturbance", when townsfolk started asking a family member (and his immediate family) how they liked their new car.

He was a Free-mason, having done presentations on Doric and whatever pillars, and having his family testing him on various words, which he would answer "yes, I know the question for that".

Anyway, their lodge decided to raffle a car for charity...sell the tickets first,then buy the car. Didn't sell enough tickets, so this family member won the car...sans the car.

Imagine the stigma of a small town, in which the "official story" is that your father won a car, and sold it. "Therefore you'd be rich" etc..."Why did he decide to drive that, when he had a new model X to drive?"
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