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Default Re: Has anyone yet read.....

Forgot the smiley on the first post, so just incase I was being sarcastic ;-)

Saturnino wrote:
I find it funny, the discussions about the KJV Bible being a fraud, etc. English speakers seem to forget that we have Bibles in other languages. Not to mention the originals.
Very true Sat, it is an annoyance when things get lumped into the same brackets, just because they are similar. You'll find people will not even entertain the thought that one bible may not be the same as the other, just because they are both called a Bible. And for the most you cannot tell them any different even if you were to open two copies and highlight the differences if bright pink. Very frustrating sometimes.

Saturnino wrote:With a computer, even a layman can check the original meaning of Hebrew and Greek texts.
Again very true, with the simplest of searches the majority of claims can be debunked, foreign languages translated, lexicons utilised etc etc

It is a wonder how so many people can be so ignorant to so many spurious claims on various topics.
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