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Default Re: family values

I'll respond on that one...

There are a lot od incestuous communities, here in the maritimes. Social services cares not as they prey on these children too as does the government pedophiles.

The media won't touch it andhow the hell do you bring that issue to light?

Over lunch with a friend? They'll think you arestark raving mad.

What can a person do?

There are also great examples of good nuclear families here in the maritimes. People need to acknowledge the bad in order to rid society of these evils.

No one wants to talk about pedophiles except Oprah and her Uncle Tom half truth message was it only, ONLY, occurs through suduction, as she intervied a 15 year old girl. The advertising message is although it was an eveil act, she appears an acceptable age. That didn't put a young face to the message and they forgot to mention rape and murder.

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