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Default Re: Penatgon Approving Scripts For Military Equipment Use.

SAT they say Speilberg and Lucas are good friends. I find that hard to believe. Lucas knows exactly whats going on and has for a long time.

BONDI, taken in context and over the range of Speilbergs films, NOTHING is by accident. The point SAT is trying to make is that Speilberg is WELL versed on occult symbolism. This doth not make a NWO minio0n extraordinair straight off, but taken as a whole...he is working DIRECTLY for the occult Globalist end of the Elite chain.

War of the Worlds was SOOOOOO directed at the MUZZIES as the enemy with untold references to "fascism" it was'nt funny. The way he portrayed the teenage sone DESPERATELY leaving his fathers arms to go and fight made me sick. In other words...ignore your parents and their pleading to not join up for the neo-con war...that is sick and if i was an American i'd thrash him in the street. I suggest that little West Coast brat don a uniform and head on over or maybe his kids should.

The footage of the machines sucking up human blood and squirting it over the country side is taken from the Talmud.

The obvious "retouching" of the little girls red coat at the end was designed to make you think of the "red coated" girl at the end of Schindlers List.

In other words..."ACT NOW! defeat the evil Islamofascists before it's too late. Send your kids off to die for the Zionists and the State of Israel. Do not fail the girl in the red coat as you did all those years ago"...cue music, national anthem...hand on heart.

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