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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

Sin entered the world because of one man. Only mankind can be redeamed. Man is descended from Adam through Seth.

The SERPENT SEED are not descended from Adam. They ARE not men and will not inherit the KINGDOM.
Okay, maybe they will start to glow green and sprout scales, so mankind gets it...(I'm kidding.)

That was THE SIN against the Holy Spirit. Caused the Fall and everything else; because Mankind would have always just been created in God's image.

Until LUCIFER/SATAN. And there is no choice - start off with Satan can come as an angel of light. Just to keep things nice and tidy, lets call him, the SERPENT or THE DRAGON.

For all you occultists. You can swoon, you can see things, you can feel power and tantra. Sex and drugs and rock-n-roll - YA! There is something always missing, not fulfillng - your not THERE, yet. Hence I think that is what all the focus on the trappings is all about. Make people feel like they have a real lot to learn, to confusticate and have them forever thinking - if only they knew more. Work in another Sephiroth, obtain more quality spirits, different aspect of the diety perhaps. Its easy to get caught up in this selection process. That is not what IS REALLY GOING ON. WHEN YOU GET IT IT IS SO BEAUTIFULLY NATURAL AND REAL.

If Jesus will forgive all of Man's sins. It is because man is created in his image and all MEN are created equal. A dragon is not a man.

Of your father the Devil? Devil-Father/Devil-Father. Oh my, it is becoming a chant GOATS/SHEEP!!! Sins against the HOLY SPIRIT WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN. Everything else, sincerely repent ask him to help you and you will be fine. If you sin 50 times a day, for three months but keep asking for Jesus to lead you out of whatever bondage you are in, just trust the Holy Spirit to understand, to know Jesus, to love life, to respect others and live an abundant life. Abundant life does not mean not suffering and being materially and pridefully cush. Abundant life means a deepening of your relationship directly with God and loving your neighbor, because everything goes better with Coke.

Masons, I am not judging you okay, BUT you do not know what they are planning different for you. They are planning to depopulate everybody else - they have a million ways to do it. Just their chemicals are enough, now add their biologicals and the nukes and just the armourment. If you escape that demise and take the Mark of the Beast you are now technically a machine - God cannot save you then, He warns about this.
They have made you what at that point.
- NOT HAVE A CONSCIENCE. Your conscience is the indewelling Holy Spirit. When they mess with your incoming signal - and they will. They are into the technology and have a lot of tricks up their sleeve.

Did any of you see the moview Constantine. That is what hell on Earth is going to look like. DO THEY REALLY NEED TO GLOW GREEN WITH SCALES - THEY ARE MONSTERS!!

But it has to start with honoring and respecting your Creator - that takes LOVE (Holy Spirit provided). The Holy Spirit is for all men, He leads to Jesus Christ, the salvation of all MEN.
But, sins against Jesus will be forgiven.

Its like going out and opening your eyes and really seeing for the first time.

Chances are if you were being tortured or pushed to your limit, you would so develop a relationship
quickly with God.

That is why suffering is a Gift. If man does not suffer; he becomes haughty. LIKE LUCIFER.
WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE CHILDREN OF SATAN AND THE DEVIL ON OUR TAIL and until we are out of here, tempted to sin - always. And we reap what we sew, and learn from our suffering and mistakes. Self-pride is always waiting, but when you know Jesus personally, you are able to put on THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD. Claim the power of THE SHED BLOOD and mature in your faith. Takes time.

Thing people screw up in their life don't change in a day. Just trust. You will be lead out of the desert in God's time.

THE QUESTION - R U EVIL? Being evil is different that sinning. The answer lies in this
NO GOOD FRUIT COMES FROM THE POISON TREE not a glimmer of some good fruit, not maybe in some seasons, not lets be fair and not judge the fruit. Just plain old NO GOOD.


This is why we are in the pickle WE ALL ARE IN. AEON FLUX OPENS 12/2. I CAN'T WAIT. THE GAME IS GREAT.

Lucifer comes as an angel of light, hence many people suffer strong delusion because their conscience isn't bothering them. They just feel empty and not fulfilled vaguely maybe for many, many years - maybe until their deathbed, but the Holy Spirit is indewelling in man whether he wants it there or not.

NOT SO WITH THE PSYCHOPATH. A psychopath has no human construct whatsoever. They mimic human behavior. They "eminate cold shards of broken glass"; they are ALWAYS the ADVERSARY!

Yes, man can sin, murder, become hardened in sin. The sadism and RAGE are the hallmark of the psychopath. That is the only thing about them that is real.

Look, the way this is going, a lot of people are going to find Jesus real quick. THERE ARE NO ATHEISTS IN FOX HOLES, or so they say.

ITS REALLY SO EASY - HOLY SPIRIT/UNHOLY SPIRIT - that is the only distinction that need be made - BUT LUCIFER COMES AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT - to jip the sheep. But they are still sheep and Jesus is not going to stop this UNTIL EVERY SHEEP IS SAFE.
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