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Default Re: A Comment From John In Hungary To Henry Makow.

truebeliever wrote:
Appears so. People seem to believe that Putin and Co are onto the Zionist Oligarchs and has sent a few packing back to Israel.
The reason I ask is that a source a little closer, a russian site dedicated to the iraq war, seems to feel the Putin is 33rd also.

The link is for points to research and I do not pertain as to the truth or factual representation of the information on the site. I would hope that some of the contents is not gonna end being slung back at me in other threads!

Putin Himself is a 33rd Degree Freemason,The same as George Bush and Many Others.

The validity of skeptical just from this sentence as Bush is not 33rd, or even a ......

truebeliever wrote:
( if we can leave the thinging bit out, as I have agreed with Henry, not to discuss it)
I agreed with henry I would not discuss Freemasonry, or post in the Freemasonry section.
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