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Default Re: a religious free thread...can it be done? Democracy and freedom.


I once read it on a place mat in London at a chinese restaurant. Ohhhhhhhh. I miss that food. Real chinese food cooked with real chinese ingredients by real chinese people. Absolutely divinely delicious.

That's the beauty of having different cultures... different people, different food, different clothes, different religions, different faiths. Wouldn't the world be a beautiful place if all faiths were good? And the evil just disappeared? No more hatred. No more evil. That would be nice.

The NWO would all have us wearing our mow suits.

Don't place any faith in that astology stuff. I believe you are who you believe yourself to be by your thoughts and actions.

I read the place mat and thought... I like those attributes, to some of the thoughts. I think I'll work on those. That's about it. Don't know hardly nothing regarding that folklore. And I'm sure there's a little truth in everything.

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