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Default Re: A Comment From John In Hungary To Henry Makow.

Saturnino wrote:
He came from the KGB, for Pete's sake !
In texe Marrs' last book, he is portraited doing Masonic signs. Not that it matters much.
Granted he's not the most attractive bloke on the planet.

But this does give an interesting conundrum. Is he or isn't he masonic?

If he is then would he really be going up against a NWO plan for a third world war? (if that is the plan, but that can be forgotten for the time being, the principle is the important bit here)

If so, then does that determine that there are multiple factions, not in co-operation, but in competition, or even fighting opposite sides?

If there are multiple factions, then there needs to be questions into where was the split, and in the split what did each side represent?

This is what I research, the different types of many organisations using the one name.

By using the name of another group, by default a percentage of the flack is diverted to the wrongly accused and the more in the public eye that "scapegoat" is the more the other groups actions go un-noticed, or at least the blame is directed elsewhere.

Does that make sense?
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