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Default Re: A Comment From John In Hungary To Henry Makow.

Saturnino wrote:
What makes it difficult to follow the NWO is the way they play their choreography. All that dialetic thing, left against right, West against East, and in the end they are all friends.
I appreciate the comments, and to an extent agree. However by nature of the beast, it is more feasable that there are multiple groups all jossling for supremecy. Which would give an air of poosibility as to what's mentioned at the start of the thread. Rather than all working under one "king pin" as it were, these men are not those that like to take orders.

Saturnino wrote:
What matters is that Putin is working hand in hand in the project to reduce freedom, eliminate "terrorism", support global organizations, etc. Just see his actions.
That is undeniable, the reduction of freedom is in essence the aim of any authority!

It is the hand in hand bit that I have "issues" with.

If you were to divide the world by it's continents you would find in each the same groups of "unofficial" ruling classes. Not one group, but in example you will find the Mafia, the Triads and other gangland mobs in all continents, Rothschilds, Rockefeller, and the money families in all continents, etc etc.

If they were working hand in hand, I will use the mob groups as example as it is easier to explain, it would be so much easier to control as a one if you left the Mafia in Italy and America, Triads in Asia rather than infiltrating each others turf, where the other has already got a foot hold on control. Make sense?

Saturnino wrote:
About him being a we go again to the same issue.
We don't I am not allowed to discuss this topic.

Saturnino wrote:
Masons are a low level part of that organization.
Which ones (sorry had to ask)
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