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Default Re: Who Owns The World ???

In this article, in which he discusses Juri Lina's book, Dr. Henry writes...."According to Lina, "The primary aim of Freemasonry is to build the New World Order, a spiritual Temple to Soloman, where non-members are nothing but slaves [and]...where human beings would be sacrificed to Yahweh (52)."

Dr. Henry sums up the situation well in the last paragraph of the article which states, "Wars, revolutions and depressions are all part of a revolutionary process designed to frogmarch humanity to "world government" under the rubric of Freemasonry which may be a surrogate for an alliance of occult Jewish and gentile elites. Their "self-destruction" seems to be our last best hope since the public is too feckless and weak to resisit."

Let's hope that Dr. Henry is right about the "self-destruction" part.
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