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Default FREEMASONRY: What really goes on there?

A few years ago at a community social in our county I met and spoke with a church secretary to which we stumbled upon conversation about freemasons. After we were comparing notes of what we though we knew of them---she took me aside.
She and her family of many generations were die hard Baptists. However, her granddaddy was a 33rd degree mason. Well,--------on his death bed he announced that 'yes, there are evil doings in freemasonry', and that these 'doings' were unspeakble---------and then he closed his eyes and passed on.
This lady said she had the most intense eye contact with him, he wanted her to know the truth through dialoque and his eyes. So she gave him those moments of undivided attention and looked her granddaddy in the eyes--for he wanted her to know that he no longer needed to keep this dear knowledge to himself.

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