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Default Re: Has anyone yet read.....

Just pick one - stop being persnickety and READ IT! Whatever verse, is the same in the BIBLE. Duh.

The difference is tantamount to: See Jane Run Down the Street. vs. And it was declareth, for all to invisage, Jane daughter of (insert name here) ambulate at quickened pace on the macadem.
About style not content.

What it is just not ELEVATED enough to SATISFY YOU IF IT IS NOT EVER SO SO SO SO - SO What?
What are you looking for? Just can't get satisfied?

I guess 20 different religions put in a blender,
is touted as THE THE THE - (WAAA! I can be a brat and have MY WILL).

Give me a break, THAT is more readily accessable than just letting go of the control and asking Jesus take your wretched heart and give you a new one - HIS!

Various points on style and presentation that's all. The content doesn't change, it all depends on how formal you want to be.

No sh**t it is in different languages.

Sorry doesn't live up to YOUR standards.

Chuckle, chuckle....

We are like freaken attorneys, ya know it. 8-)
Tax the rich, feed the poor.
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