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Default Re: A Comment From John In Hungary To Henry Makow.

Putin seems like the REAL DEAL. A fundamentally honorable man, he seems genuine in a rather shy way, but spontaneous, really laughs, not contrived with artifice. They should all listen to Putin on this topic.

He seems clever, shrewd and very very intelligent. Someone like Putin would have confidence rather than hidding glarring inadequecry behind arrogant, smirking assine behavior. Perhaps, he had to be capable of doing his job.

Battle of Gog and Magog? Lets see armies of the east and armies of the north. Who could that be?

I'm so sure he would like to stave that off.

Remember Victor Ushenko, don't you think that if "they" wanted him dead by poison. "They" would have gotten it right?

Imagine him not keeling right over in a respectable 2 mins or so. Dioxin, one of the most toxic substances known to man BUT it didn't do the job. I don't think he was intended to die. He perhaps was intended to win. JMO.
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