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Default Re: family values

Ozzie's point is valid as their are many incestuous communities, here in the maritime provinces of canada.

"There are also great examples of good nuclear families here in the maritimes. People need to acknowledge the bad in order to rid society of these evils."

There are good families too, I'll say it again.

Your point is valid too.

Somebody has to shine a light. Will evil illuminate itself? I don't think so. They seem to like to hide behind good, carrying on their dirty deeds.

Sorry if I didn't make sense and I hope that explains better.

I think many sheeple care more about money and things than they do their own children. The one thing they seldom give their children is their time.

My two cents... If the father is sick, then the family is sick. He creates a nucleus of sickness.

Also lots of families like to pretend they have high moral standards. That's what shows like Jerry Springer are for. To make you believe your morals are so high while the lamestream sheeple slip into laisser-faire mode and the society which is created by the nuclear family and is effected by the society, rots to hell.

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