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Default Re: Secrets Of The CIA

Yes. But did you know that he spent two days in a room crying after that "initial purge". I think in his day, Saddam was the sh**t.
JFK of the middle east, he received international awards and lauds for what he did in that country.

Didn't have a pair of shoes until he was 12. Self made. I am impressed. I would vote him for the most facinating powerful man ever. He was not overly educated, BUT he had a photographic memory - and worked insanely long hours. Read the Saddam Hussein Reader. He had a vision he believed in. After reading his vision, I believed in it too. He was strict but fair. Hey, at Joe Stalin's funeral you could see the genuine affection people had.

You see the pictures when he was young and he looked happy and vibrant, really laughing. When he fell in love with Samira Shabandar, he looked like someone in love. He writes poetry for Pete's sake.

He knew how to build, to increase. He was ruined long before US pulled him out of a fox hole.
Not his fault; he did what he had to do to stay in power. His life was in danger constantly for all those years.

At least he depopulated in an expedient fashion in Kurdistan, those people just dropped where they were, died in minutes.

Look how horrible people die in Iraq now. Oh, and it was okay for Winston Churchill to advocate the use of poison gas. DEAD IS FREAKEN DEAD. A QUICK CHEMICAL DEATH IS BETTER THAN BEING BOMBED!! They Kurds wouldn't stop fighting with Bagdad. Why send troops in when you can spray and have it over expediently.

He was good for the people of Iraq would have been good for the entire middle east. I guess no torture happens anywhere else there - gives new meaning to rock and roll.

Things got dicey only after the usurpers drained him economically then came in for the kill.

Rotten thieves. God love you Saddam. He did his best. Look at Iraq now. Hell. Hell on earth.

Saddam built it up from a freaken desert; that is what is wrong with the world, people have no respect.

In the 1970s, those Iraqi's had it so made. Great incomes, free healthcare, perks if you were a loyal party member. Women were physicians, lawyers and scientists.

But, that was his OIL. Problem, others wanted it.
So his little part of utopia was ruined because of the usurpers. When, he TRUSTED US initially.
When he was a lad, selling cigaretts, a jewish man was always kind to him. He didn't judge that man as a jew, he judged him as a person, a friend. He was not unreasonable. Years and years later when he was vice president and happened upon this man in a prison, he freed his friend immediately. He had a capacity for kindness too. His wives and daughters loved him.

What would have been better for the world would have been to let Saddam have the whole ball of wax there. A secular socialist Pan-Arabia. Bitchin!
Tax the rich, feed the poor.
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