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I would also suggest that we read Rollo May and Max Weber for a deeper understanding of the individual's relationship to the many and to the government.

If we could simply dissolve all of the political and social constructs that separate us or hold us together we would not automatically be free or enlightened. We create our structures and restraints out of necessity, and we reward ourselves with liberties according to the laws of social evolution.

I have to wonder if the NWO wouldn't love to see just such a subversive agenda realized? When the people lose structure and meaning, it is easier for someone to dictate it in his own terms, "Herding the lost sheep", as it were.

And believe me, the Council refers to us as sheep, worker bees, and by other epithets that equate us with dumb animals.

Our greatest weapon is to wake up out of the trance, to break free of the Level II mass control programming, and take a stand for freedom and for true Democracy!

"Somewhere, over the rainbow,
Pigs will fly -
And that's why we are ready
To open umbrellas wide . . ."
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