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Bouncer wrote:
It is easier for someone to dictate it in his own terms, "Herding the lost sheep", as it were.

And believe me, the Council refers to us as sheep, worker bees, and by other epithets that equate us with dumb animals.
Lately, Iíve heard this statement a lot. It supports my theory about the NWO furthermore, which disturbs me. Itís becoming more of a calculated guess than a conspiracy.

Our greatest weapon is to wake up out of the trance, to break free of the Level II mass control programming, and take a stand for freedom and for true Democracy!
And now we need to find a way to do this. It seems like an almost impossible task, as there is no way of effectively communicating the truth to the masses, and even if we could, only 20% would take notice. Iíve tried it before. People just donít want to leave their bubble of comfort and wake up.

You pop that bubble, and they do anything to get it back. This is the principal of mass control Ė cheap and easy bubble machines.
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