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Default Re: Italian Fascism instigated by Socialist Marxists

AH, I almost forgot. Dear Truebeliever;

I am aware of the many agreements between Soviet and the Allies, where tragically many deserters were sent back to the Soviet be slaughtered. I am aware of the countless millions (far more than any other war or period at any time) killed by Stalin and his hell-machine. I am also aware of the mind-numbing terror of the life that was suffered by the people of the east-bloc under communist regime. I am also aware of the honorable behaviour of the more well-trained of the older soldiers of the german army (in comparison to the SS and the later, more immature soldiers at the latter stages of the war). However, that still leaves little to chance when it comes to the very efficient incinerators and gas-chambers that you so vehemently refuse to believe in.

The horror is not the numbers, it is the intent to eradicate an entire race just because it was convenient, and the public and often international dehumanization of a people.

As I have written to you before, Stalin and his crimes have not been marketed as the most evil deed, because that country has not entirely been allowed to be free from totalitarian opression. There is still, in Russia, a Tsar that refuses to let his people free. If, somehow, a foreign power would have "Balcanized" the Soviet union in the sixties, that country would have been forced to acknowledge the unbearable horrors that had been commited against them and heir neighbours. But such is not the case. In this world we live in, we do what we can with the tools we have. We have no tools to make Russia accept responsiblity for the death of a third of the Ukrainian population, for instance.

And as for the communist slaughter of Mussolini, this argument is inane. There were trials in Soviet as well. And we know what they were like.
And Communist murder, Fascist murder, Democratic murder, Vegetarian murder.. It's all just as bad.

That hate-crimes are allowed to have certain special laws is a confusing subject since it demands of the reader a very good understanding of civil law. These special laws that refer to certain identifiable groups of people are made in reaction to certain phenomena in society where these groups are constantly singled out in violent acts. New laws cannot be based on hearsay and rumors and there must be years of statistical evidence and clearly identifiable cases to support an amendment to legislation in this manner. That you think everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law, is clearly the whole point of the law. But everybody is not equal in society. The law tries to rectify that.

If you found websites like this but speaking constantly about your type of person (that which signifies you from an outside perspective) and if this type was a minority...

If you were attacked just because people knew what type of person you were...

If you were not allowed into a pub because of the type of person you were...

Ther are many other situations that can occur depending on your specific type of minority-

Single Parent

But are you attacked because you are a single parent?

Are you not allowed into a club beacuse you are an atheist?

Are you threatened with death on many web-sites because you are poor?
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