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Default Re: Italian Fascism instigated by Socialist Marxists

OL, thanx for not answering any questions directly.

Thanx for not viewing a single doco i put up for you.

Thanx for proving that the greatest ideolouges that live...exist on the "left", whilst proclaiming the extremism of the "right".

Thanx for the ROFL "paternalism" where the "wise old man" has come to CC to teach the barbarian Nazi hoardes some home truths...

Reading your words is like watching a mainstream Sunday afternoon "Discovery Documentary" with all the usual suspects, received truth, and ridiculous conclusions based on flawed history which can only be maintained via draconian laws designed to stifle discussion and dissent over events that are used to futher the aims of an extreme, "chosen few".

To sum up, the most insulting thing I can call you is..."intellectual lightweight". Heres why...

That hate-crimes are allowed to have certain special laws is a confusing subject since it demands of the reader a very good understanding of civil law.
Civil law? Really? You know, here's a lesson. You cant go to jail through the civil law system. David Irving is in jail. That means it's "criminal" law. He is a "criminal" for questioning the "facts" on Nazi use of homicidal gas chambers against a "specific" minority.

As you cannot even grasp that fairly simple concept and I have viewed many of your attempts at "pious preaching" on subjects you appear to know nothing about. I have even cringed in slight embarrassment for you.

I believe your more lucid responses have been simple cut and paste jobs passed off as your own.

I have no nice goodbye for you. You are indeed as Lenin said..."a useful idiot".

You have more than a cast on your leg...their is one that needs removing from your mind. No one is more enslaved than one who believes he is free when he clearly is not.

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