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Default Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games

ABSOLOUTLY! These games are not for kids!

They are absoloutly brainwashing. DELIBERATE. Absoloutly deliberate.

I agree to a large degree OC. But like all things there are 2 sides to the coin.

It's an oldie but a goodie...should we ban cars? 1300 people killed last year on Oz roads...1-3-0-0.

Plus innumerable badly injured...some permenantly.

I used to see the horrible results regularly.

What to of alcohol?

Visit any E.D in Oz or elswhere and observe the carnage.

I would like to see kids out and about. Perhaps in that close community we all crave it will happen.

I cannot exactly explain my liking for these games. I actually spent much soul searching over it.

Perhaps when I'm setting up my Permaculture property i'll be too busy. I am a strong Scorpio and have always been fascinated by war. Perhaps it's in my blood, perhaps a former life. A last vestige of the beast within?

DC...i'm a Medal Of Honour Pacific Assault man. No UT for me. Realistic infantry tactics for me.
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