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Default Re: Secrets Of The CIA

I agree. Well said.

Taken in the context of what a "leader" must be in an Arab country, still well and truly based in tribal custom and loyalty...he was a godsend to his people.

Ironically, though i admire him to some extent, i would have been the first aginst the wall with my mouth.

Glad I live in Oz where I can call John Howard the whiny, sycophant bitch that he is.

Again, great points. Though I disagree about the gassing of the Kurds. I remember the news reports of the had Iraqi Generals showing Western media around the town filming. Through my profound sense of logic, I will conclude that Saddam was unlikely to gas his people then allow the media to snoop around, unless of course the obvious...Iran did it.

I put the "gassing of the Kurds" right up their with the gassing of another minority. Bullshit. And whats more, bullshit that should have been turned into the Earth long ago...but then, why spoil a good "yarn" with the truth when you're on a role?


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