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Default Starting to heal

This was posted on another forum. The person describes what has happened to their career, and is no doubt related to global changes we are all witnessing.

I have been teaching for 31 years, and on Sept 14 my career came to an end. After the 3rd day of school I was called into the director's office. I sat down then I was told I was supended. I am a person who does everything that I am told and if I didn't like it, I still did it. I asked what did I do, I was told it was for performance standards. Also, I was told I was being investigated. Before I left, I was told to call Human Resources Monday. On Monday Sept 19. I was terminated, and I was given my last pay check, then I was escorted to my classroom for the last time to pick up my things.

Filing a grievance with the company would be a joke because the matter would go around in a circle and end up with the executive director who was there when I was suspended. I lost my job because I make more money than most teachers because I came straight out of college to teach rather than starting as an assistant teacher. They have a major budget problem and my salary and health insurance they pay out would help the budget alot. After Sept 19, they didn't hire a lead teacher until last week, they used 2 aides to cover the class for 2 months.

I tried to get unemployment and I had to go to court. I lost. I called about COBRA health insurance but found out the premium had doubled to $ 994.00 a month. I have many health problems and have been denied regular insurance.

It has been 2 months and I now can look through the clouds. I loved my job working with low income preschool kids. Yesterday I saw 3 former parents and students. I told them what had happen to me. Each parent told me how I made a different in their child and their family. All of a sudden I felt something around my legs, it was Brenda giving my legs a hug.
Each child and their parent gave me a big hug. I have made a diference in hundreds of families lives.

I have saved enough for 4 months salary, I can take my time healing mentally and emotionally. I have gone to my doctor and asked for samples of medicine. My house is paid off. Most of all I have had comfort from all my cyber friends, especially Spanner. I'm going to be OK. I was trying so hard to do well and to keep my job and they were trying harder to get rid of me.


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