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Default Re: Marijuana - The key to prosperity.

Yeh well, how could I resist!

Thanx to the great laws I could sell ENDLESS pounds of high quality "White Widow" weed at $3200 a pound wholesale.

They have cracked down SO MUCH on pot that it is as DRY as DRY can be. The great thing is that TONS of high quality Crystal Meth abounds and Royal Perth Hospital was taking in 6 a day with psychosis.

You see, anyone can grow weed and decentralise the market. Cant have that.

By wiping out the small growers by scaring them to death with criminal confiscation laws, now organised crime runs things through lackeys who have NO fear of losing their house as they dont own anything. The market is centralised, the price goes up, the coppers get their cut and everyones happy.

I attended a get together not long after I was busted. A couple of the aforementioned "lackeys" were their. They toasted a bourban and coke to "Colin Barnett", the Minister responsible for tightening the pot laws. They toasted him as their..."most valued associate".
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