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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

My human intelligence clearly tells me that we must strive to understand each other.
ROFL :lol: . Just like you did for us? Tell me about those doco's I posted for you. Did you "strive" to watch them?:lol:

Not refuse each other through egoistical expressions of religous belief.
ROFL *2 :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D Does that include your carping belief in "Existential/Nihlism"? I take it you're halfway through therapy? Just a few more rivers to cross wise old man. ;-) The scotch will keep the "terror, the void, of complete lonliness" at bay for a while at least.

Religion is a way to close oneself to others. To refuse anothers view of the reality.
ROFL *3 [slight tear in left eye]. Next...

In reality there is no one truth and we must only try to understand each other as best we can.
Mild laugh...yes, i understand you "Mr Tolerant". Hey, id like your house, hope you can tolerate the fact that i'm just going to take it. Whats more, that white farmer they strangled and burnt to death in Zimbabwe, maybe you can "channel" him and inform him that he must tolerate the black mans view that it was his land first so..."do as thou wilt" ;-)

And, then we die.
And then the judgement.

You know why i dont like you? Because you would have to be the most paternalistic, insulting man i have ever conversed with over the WWW.

Goodbye, come back when your "shadow" and attached hypocrisy have had a turn for the better.

BTW...thanx for pointing out the splinter in my eye. Now if i could return the obvious...there's a beam in yours.
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