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Default Re: I hope Lynn stays

Thats exactly what they do.

They make you feel alone.

That you are the only twit/conspiricy nutter on the planet with all these crazy ideas and things to do.

I was deeply depressed at how the world was going. There did'nt seem to be any REAL progress against Bush and Co at least much less the other scum in Europe.

The last 3 months have been great. I have been meeting people constantly from all walks of life and they are waking up!

Not to long ago in Fremantle (city next to perth) a bunch of off duty coppers gave hell to a bunch of poor innocent Yank students. Some may lose their jobs for the verbal and some physical pasting.

Now the coppers were a bunch of twats for their behaviour but I believe the students were mouthing on that Bush was defending us all from evil and THEMS FIGHTEN WORDS!

The point is even illiterate Aussie coppers know!
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