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Default Re: MTV, Chemtrails and The destruction of the human race.

I used to see normal trails from aircraft when i lived in Dongara half way up the West Oz coast. The aircraft were high and heading off to Bali and Asia in general.

We dont have the airtraffic or population to regularly see these trails.


Have been seeing them EVERYWHERE since i posted this pic on another thread...

I had just finished work Saturday week and decided to celebrate the new found employment with a beer. This was the carton the guy picked out to put my beers in.

I then tootled straight off to a friends house where he and my good Zionist Submarine programmer "Leon" had just got back from an airshow. Leon was wearing a shirt with an ALL SEEING EYE ON IT!!!!!! Today i was in the dole office and they had a carton from a office supplier with an ALL SEEING EYE ON IT!

I note that since i have been trying to get back into the mainstream the "co-incidences" have been coming on strong.

I believe something is up. The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways.

SAT...did i send you a pic of that guy with the shirt? If you have it send it back coz the "eye" on his shirt has the exact same shape as your "cloud eye". Look and see.
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