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Default Re: MTV, Chemtrails and The destruction of the human race.

Going off topic for a moment. As it has been stated by a couple of forumers regarding noticing 'The Eye' everywhere they go or look. The following may be of interest to you.

The reason is that once an object becomes important to you, you become aware of it, and you will seem to see it everywhere. This is due to your, Reticular Activating System or R.A.S. See below for an explanation.

Reticular Activating System

At the core of the brainstem is a collection of nuclei called the reticular formation.These nuclei receive input from most of the body’s sensory systems (eg sight, smell, taste, etc) and other parts of the brain, such as the cerebellum and cerebral hemispheres.

Some neurons from the reticular formation project to meet motor neurons of the spinal cord and influence functions such as cardiovascular and respiratory control. In addition, there are also neurons projecting into most of the rest of the brain. The ascending fibres of the reticular formation form a network called the reticular activating system, which influence wakefulness, overall degree of arousal and consciousness – all factors which may be disturbed in depressed patients.

The brain and the different areas of the brain can be illustrated using images of the brain in different orientations or ‘sections’. The most commonly used sections are the mid-sagittal (simply, from front to back) and coronal sections.

Although extremely complex, the brain is largely made up of only two principal cell types: neurons and glial cells. There are over 100 000 million neurons in the brain and an even greater number of glial cells glial cells. It is estimated that there are more than 10 000 million cells in the cerebral cortex alone.

Brain Atlas

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