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Default Re: MTV, Chemtrails and The destruction of the human race.

No, TB, you haven't sent it.
This weird eye in the cloud has the shape of the Horus eye...the one where the eyebrow meets the eye...could it be a trick from a covert witch in the forum ? If it was, I guess having the ability to perform such a cheap trick is not a good price for your soul. (Yawn...) You will never pass thru Jesus' protection on this house, too.

Or probably it was nothing at all.

igwt (in God we trust?) is also right. Just see when you buy a new car, you suddenly see the same model everywhere. But the strange thing is that I seldom look thru the window, never try to see "figures" in the clouds and at first I didn't think about an eye, but I saw a face (there was a part of another eye, which with the horizontal line below formed an ugly face).
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