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Default Re: family values

I have to disagree on that point. That means the problem is with the father Mason or the father Satanist, not the family. Your argument doesn’t really follow, so you can hardly conclude that family values hold little weight in this day and age in terms of social morality on that example.
8-) True DL but the point is that there seems to be many modern families like this.
That as Mary suggest offer only a facade of High values but in reality can be cesspits of depravity.
Personally i would like to sound like iam singling out a particular social demographic.
But many areas of society are morally indifferent. For example localities where x rated shops and lingerie shops are next to churches or nightclubs next to churches!.

Market liberal values advocate Moral relativism which is contrary to Christs message i mean specifically the NT.
This only helps to muddy the waters for simple people looking for values.And unwittingly they may believe their values are fine but in reality they are warped.
And with the systems moral code constantly ambiguous and being lowered to new levels every year this can happen easily.For example many personality types if given the choice, consistantly choose pleasure over discipline avarice over modesty in our system get my point!.These choices chosen would be vices to christ!.
For example certain christian churches that pose as wholesome values like Prosperity preaching which some churches preach really disgusts me with its apostate doctrine. e.g Evangelists like Benny Hinn who fleece people of their money for a hoax etc.Yet people still believe the lies because it comforts them :-(
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