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Default Re: Hollywood Pushes Racial Intermarriage - Overcoming Qualms

The people behind the NWO would be consider white and Jewish. I disagree with most conspiracy theorists. This group does not include any gentiles. I prefer to call them Jacubites because in the Bible they identify themselves with Jacob and state that they stole the rights of their brother. I get my theory out of the Bible. Why? because the Bible is their playbook. The Bible has two stories, one for good the other for bad. Their playbook is hidden by symbolism in the Bible. The Jacubites are ungodly Jews. How can one small group of people control humanity? Go to the Bible and look at Noah's Ark. Fools take this story literally. The Jacubites describe how they control mankind in this story. Each animal respresents a type of human being. Male and Female represent leadership (male) and community (female). The ship represents their order. they control the people by keeping the water out. This water is the spirit of God. Human beings were created to submit to God. If we do not submit to God, then we must submit to something. So in the Ark the people are not given water. Also, there is a Jewish myth called the story of Golem, which also shows how the Jacubites control society. Some of this myth is shared in the movie I Robot by the character Spoon.
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