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Default Re: Senate Bill 1873, The Compulsory Vaccination Bill

I've heard similar tales, including the one about the EM sensor horn on the plane that was shot down near Korea.

I have three things that bother me about this:
1) If "They" have to police anyone who stumbles onto the stand-alone system you mention, they wouldn't have any time to do mechanics! It seems incredible that they would try this cheap tactic unless they are simple in the ways of containment and control.
2) Which leads me to another point: if secrecy is so important, why are the tanks, tubes, and controllers out in the open for anyone to examine?
3) Many agencies (if in fact one or more are involved) use epecially heavy-handed ways to discourage curiosity even about things which are of no harm to the public. These fellows of yours are probably just obeying their orders like robots. Nothing personal, and in fact they might be scared honeyless by the people using the equipment.

I truly appreciate the risk you take to relate these things and hope that you find others in your profession who can "watch your back."

\"Oops\" = A. Hitler upon hearing that the allied troops landed at Normandy instead of Pas-De-Calais as expected.
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